Funny, according to wikipedia there is about
6,7 billion people on this earth. And yet i feel
all alone. Everybody knows where to find me when
they need something fixed or a shoulder to cry on or "lend" a ear to listen. But when it comes to the fun stuff no one knows where to find me....

Maybe its just the meaning of my life? A tool you dig out of the dirt when you need it and throw away when your done?
At least thats how i feel sometimes.... There is no greater feeling in the whole world then knowing that you made a difference for someone, but it dont mean that i like to be used like a rag.....

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  1. lance629

    same here today one of my sister went down to the food bank for charity
    she had arough time but after the getting the food she called me so that we can trade some itemsthat she can not stand to some stuff that she knows I have a hurricane survival box full of can goods that she knows that I give her but as she is leaving she takes the last bit of money that I have until my disabilty gov check comes in on the third OH I’M SORRY BUT MOST THE MONTH I was totally a lone in this place at days at a times with no one wants to even see me seating in a chair out side in 99*F temp. hoping to talk to anyone that may walk by once a nieghbor was walking home and was a little up set that I tryed to delayed her from getting home

    June 29, 2009