Confession of a wowaholic

I just realised... this thought popped into my head litteraly... IM FREE!
I played this game World of warcraft that is for around 3 years. And
as most addicts ive denied being addicted to it, just like an alcoholic would deny being addicted to alcohol or an drug user to drugs. But the sad fact is
that in the most active part of my "wow career" i logged 320 days ingame in about 2.5 years or so, i figured i spent like 1/3 of the day online gaming. I tried quitting 4 times. Always telling my self its the social side of the game not the game it self that keeps me there. Funny tho how you get another perspective on things when you put em aside and let present become past and past become a memory.
                                     Cause i now see it for what it was.. it was the gaming all along. Tho i made a few friends ingame, if you can truly call someone you just spoken with via ingame text/voice a friend?

So what made me quit? Well truth be told i cant say that i quit cause i made up my mind to just quit and let it all be what it was. No. I quit cause i got tired of the game. And i also quit cause i was about to become a person i didnt like. Alot pf people cheered me on in my idiotic way of shouting at people for being stupid or not playing/pulling their weight. And that wasnt me. It took 4 times as i said, but now im finally out, im free. I still log in from time to time, but the need, the hunger to beat another level or get more gear is gone.

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